Our Story

So, there were these two guys with strikingly similar bald heads walking toward each other on the street. Each of them enjoying the successes of their own businesses.

And, then BAM!!! They ran smack into each other.

“Hey, you got your Social Media stuff in my SEO,” one shouted.

“Hey, your website junk is all over my Social Media Marketing,” Shon fired back.

But, as they began to think about the potential of combining Social Media with Search Engine Optimization and mixing Website Design with Digital Signage, and all those brilliant components coming together to serve the restaurant and bar industry…

“Mmmmm. Social Media and websites work well together,” exclaimed Shon.

“You’re right.” “All this stuff can live in harmony – search engines driving traffic to effectively designed websites; websites pushing visitors to social media networks; social media encouraging people to visit bars and restaurants; dynamic digital signage converting customers to regulars; and those establishments enjoying success beyond their wildest dreams!”

“But, how can this be?” Shon asked.

Then, almost in unison, it hit them like a bolt of lightning! “Eat. Drink. Promote.”

And the rest is history…